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Do you like using the bike for all your trips in the city? Finding bike parking in an urban area is not always easy. Between insecurity and lack of on-street bike parking, this disadvantage could discourage many people. BePark has the right solution, discover our new secure bike parking in Brussels. 

How to book:

1. Register on (free bike registration platform of the Brussels Region) to get your unique identifier in a few clicks. This will reinforce the security of your bike, the good use of the parking and is necessary for the creation of your BePark profile.

2. Find the parking lot you are interested in. Once you are on the parking lot page, select the desired product, and start the reservation process.

3. You will be asked to create your account (if you are a new customer), fill in your payment method, and confirm your reservation. It is during this step that you must enter your unique identifier in the field 'License plate' (You only have to enter the last 10 digits/letters of the identifier received).

4. A few days after your registration on, you will receive a sticker in your mailbox. Stick it on your bike according to the instructions.

5. You can then access your bike parking space quickly and easily via our Application for optimal security! 

Whatever happens, our team is always available to help you via or on 02 880 05 50.

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Cycling is on the upswing, especially in big cities with heavy traffic. An ecological, economical, sporty, and fun alternative to the car, bicycles allow you to reach your favorite destinations in no time at all in large cities. The bicycle is the ideal way to relieve congestion in the city center and is perfect for all home-to-work trips and for getting to the heart of the city. 

Nowadays, many city dwellers don't take the step towards cycling because of a lack of infrastructure! Parking your bike is not always easy in big cities, it is sometimes complicated to find a secure place to park your bike. For very short periods of time, parking your bike on the street can be an efficient solution, on the other hand, for longer periods of time, especially at night or during your working days, you may prefer a secure parking space dedicated to the parking of your bike. 

BePark now offers you this solution thanks to bicycle parking in Brussels. Affordable, safe, and easy to access, they will provide you with a long-term solution for parking your bike and you can sleep soundly knowing that you have a reliable place to leave it. Thanks to BePark, save yourself the hassle, book now the bike park adapted to your needs, don't let these spaces go away!

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