Frequently asked questions

How to enter in one of our parkings?  

In this link you will find a full instructions manual.   

Who can I call if I have an issue in a parking 24h/24 7days/7? 

You can always call us on the following number 02 880 83 71 24h/24 7days/7. Please note that this number is dedicated to emergencies and not for commercial questions (02 880 05 50). 

When do I receive my invoices? 

You receive your invoice every 1rst day of the month by email. If you wish to change the email to which the invoice is sent, you can do it from your account in the section “My payments”. 

What are the termination conditions? 

Terminate your subscription in the "purchase" section of your customer account or simply send an email to The subscription will end at the earliest on the last day of the current month.

Why is the total amount due on my invoice superior to what I expected?

The amount of your first invoice could be superior to the expected. This is due to the fact that it could cover more than 1 month. You will find the details of the covered period in the table in the below part of the invoice. 

How to reset my password? 

In order to reset your password you can follow this link.

How to find my subscription contract? 

You subscription contract is permanently available in the “My account” on the sub-section “Home”.

How to print your contract? 

You subscription contract is permanently available in the My account on the sub-section “Home”. Once on the contract page you can press “Ctrl + P” to print it.