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The city of Aarschot is located in Flemish Brabant, Belgium, also called ‘pearl of The Hageland’, which offers great nature areas which every nature lover, hiker, and biker will fall in love with. What many people might not know, is that some of the best vineyards in Europe were located in the hills of Aarschot.
Some people might also call Aarschot the ‘mill city of The Hageland’ since every sub municipality has its own mill. In total, you can visit 6 mills, of which 3 are watermills and 3 are windmills.

Aside from its stunning nature, Aarschot also offers several other reasons to pay a visit. For example, in a collaboration between Tourism Aarschot and the inhabitants, they reinvented Aarschot’s typical beer ‘den Bruine’. The brewery now offers several activities for groups, where you can see the brewing process, and get a taste of the local beer. 
The true eye-catcher of the city might be the Tower of the Church of Our Lady (Onze-Lieve-Vrouwenkerk). In 2018, the municipality installed a new carillon, containing 51 new bells! These bells are one of the most advanced ones in the world, playing a softer melody during the day, and being completely silent at night.

With an increasing population in Aarschot, and more people coming to visit the cultural highlights that the city has to offer, finding on-street parking might become difficult. BePark offers the solution, with secure parking lots at the lowest price. Book your parking online now, and enjoy the convenience of parking with BePark.

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