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Tienen is a small city in Flanders, on the border of Wallonia, with more than 35,000 inhabitants. It is the location of ‘Suikerrock’ rock festival, which attracts over 120,000 visitors every year. The name of this festival refers to the sugar factory in the south of the center; Tiense Suiker. This sugar-sweet business already started back in 1836, when the building permit for the sugar factory became official and currently is one of the largest employers with over 600 employees.

To commemorate the 150 years of the sugar mill's history, one of Tienen's three museums is the Sugarmuseum, where you can admire the entire world of sugar. Adjacent to this is Tienen's second museum: The Toreke, which is located in Tienen's former city jail. It is a spacious museum that offers exhibitions on the history of Hagran, as well as Gallo-Roman excavations. The third museum is the Puppet Theater Museum, where you can see a collection of over 250 puppets and hand puppets.

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