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These shops have spacious, secure, and easily accessible parking lots to offer their customers the opportunity to shop with complete peace of mind. These parking lots have a high turnover rate and are therefore not always full. 

Some brands and shops have decided to make their free parking spaces available to local residents who systematically fail to find a parking space on the street. This is an opportunity for them to benefit from a parking space on and near their place of residence. Moreover, what could be more practical than to do your shopping while parking your vehicle and then walking home? Depending on the shop you choose, parking offers may vary, with 24-hour access in some cases or night and weekend access in others.

By freeing up and making off-street parking spaces available, we want to offer residents the opportunity to save time and no longer have to drive around to find a parking space close to their home. In this way, the elimination of on-street parking spaces is no longer a problem, freeing up public space to create more lively neighborhoods. In addition, this solution allows you to decongest your neighborhood from the urban traffic of the neighborhood by reducing the number of vehicles looking for a parking space.

Reserve your parking space at the shop of your choice and let BePark take care of the rest. Once your subscription is active, all you have to do is use the BePark application on your smartphone to get access to your parking lot.

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