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Namur, the Walloon capital, is a city rich in history and culture. As the capital of the region, the city is home to the seat of the Walloon Parliament, the Walloon Government, and the Service Public de Wallonie (SPW). 

Numerous events are organized every year in the streets of Namur's city center. In September, during the Wallonia Festivities, thousands of people gather to attend various concerts and visit the various shops selling local products. In May, there is the Namur en mai festival, which puts the spotlight on fairground arts and street performances.

The citadel of Namur, which overlooks the city, is a tourist attraction for many visitors. Speaking of tourist attractions, you can also take the Namourettes (small boats) on the Meuse, which runs alongside the city. For shopping enthusiasts, the Rue de Fer is the ideal place, many shops gather along this shopping street.

Education is also well established in Namur, indeed, there are several secondary schools such as the Athénée Royal de Namur, the Institut Sainte-Ursule, the Institut Saint-Louis, the Institut Technique Henri Maus as well as Félicien Rops. Higher education is also well represented, with first of all UNamur, which is the university of the city of Namur; and universities such as Albert Jacquard and Henallux also welcome many students.

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